Tom Brady lets me down!

Lured by the siren song issuing from the television commercial, for the first time ever, I joined a Fantasy Football league.

I’m a lover of all things sport; football, baseball, golf, even English Premier League soccer (and that’s a stretch for a Southern boy). But until this season, I’ve never been bitten by the fantasy sports bug.

Pursuing the path of least resistance, I elected to enter a league with an automated draft. I had no interest in doing the homework necessary to get prepared for a “live” draft. I was quite pleased with the players who ended up on my roster. At quarterback, I ended up with Tom Brady and Eli Manning. Between them, they’ve won 5 Super Bowls. But when you find yourself with an embarrassment of riches, how do you decide who to play?

Earlier this week, I was struggling with which of my two QBs to start this weekend. Eli and the Giants were matched up against Tampa Bay, a team they should easily handle; but Brady and the Patriots were playing the lowly Arizona Cardinals.

I envisioned Tom really lighting up the Cardinal secondary and piling up massive quantities of fantasy points. So I started Brady, leaving Eli riding my fantasy bench.

The real fantasy was in my vision of Patriot dominance. The Cardinals beat the Patriots, 20-18, while allowing Brady to pick up only 14.5 fantasy points.

Meanwhile, Manning threw for over 500 yards in the Giants victory over the Buccaneers, amassing 26.2 points, none of which are of use to me since I didn’t start Eli. Lesson learned. (I hope) In any event, there’s always next week.


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