Change is in the Air (And None Too Soon)

I’m about ready for the travails of the summer to be at an end.

This year, I spent too much of the summer baby-sitting my upstairs air conditioning system.  Being a creature of comfort, I realized one afternoon that the upstairs was noticeably warmer than the downstairs.  More than would be expected from the application of the simple scientific principle that “hot air rises”.  Two years ago, we had new heating and cooling systems installed – one that services the upstairs and one for downstairs.  I would have expected that two-year old HVAC systems would still be performing at peak efficiency, but as I soon learned, this is not always the case.

To cut to the chase, the root problem with the upstairs system turned out to be the cooling coil.  The heart of the system, so to speak.  The coil that was installed two years ago had been manufactured using aluminum and copper.  Cooling results in condensation, condensation produces water, water accumulates on the copper tubing causing corrosion, corrosion produces pin-holes, pin-holes allow refrigerant to leak out which results in an unappreciated warming of the upstairs.

Fortunately, the systems were still under warranty and the manufacturer now produces cooling coils made entirely out of aluminum.  So much needed balance has been restored to the temperature profile of my house, as well as my overall demeanor.

All of this is just to preface the realization that I’m more than ready for autumn to get cranking.   A few days ago, I walked out to pick up the newspaper and noticed an almost imperceptible crispness in the air.  The rising sun soon warmed the day up into the mid-80s, but it was undeniable that “football weather” was closing in.

It won’t be long before all of my shorts and T-shirts are neatly folded on the top shelf in my closet and my jeans and sweatshirts are back in service.

Make no mistake, in about four months I’m going to be begging for warmer days, but right now I’m enjoying the inevitable change in the season.

Here’s a bit of poetry to welcome in the Fall.  Enjoy!

          When Ted saw a fresh-raked leaf pile
          He decided to jump in with style.
          A half gainer he dived,
          And his spine broke in five
          As he missed the leaf pile by a mile.

                                                              – Anonymous


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