Staying Safely Behind the Technology Curve

I’m actually quite computer literate and generally stay on top of all of the latest technology trends. I just tend to be slightly lethargic in my personal implementation of the latest and greatest technological gadgetry.

Take cell phones for instance. Everybody in my family had one for several years before I finally relented and got one for myself.

Two years ago, at the insistence of my wife, I finally started considering the possibility of purchasing a Smart Phone. I eventually decided on the iPhone 3GS, mainly because the iPhone 4 had just come out and AT&T was selling off its inventory of the 3GS for $50 a pop.

I picked up a 3GS at the local AT&T store. Once I began to use it, resistance was futile. I was assimilated; totally. I go no where without it. I’m constantly browsing for the latest apps and finding new and creative things I can do with my iPhone.

If I move slowly in adopting new technology, my wife is absolutely glacial in her approach. Recently, she had decided that a Smart Phone might be beneficial to her in her work; in fact her company had offered to buy her one. So last night, the two of us headed out to the local AT&T store last to see what was available.

Now I, and every geek worth his salt, know that the iPhone 5 is due out in a few days. But I hadn’t considered the possibility that the release on the new iPhone might result in history repeating itself in the form of real bargains on the purchase of an iPhone 4.

So imagine our surprise when we learned that AT&T was selling the iPhone 4 for $0.99 (that’s 99 cents). I thought that getting a 3GS for $50 a couple of years earlier had been a bargain. By comparison, an iPhone 4 for about half the price of a small cup of coffee is an absolute steal.

Needless to say, we both are now sporting new iPhone 4’s. In addition, AT&T gave me a trade-in credit of $54 on the old 3GS; more than I paid for it originally.

As I was walking out of the store, I told the salesman to expect me back in a couple of years to pick up an iPhone 5 – just before the 6’s come out!

Nothing like staying a generation behind the “cutting edge of technology”!


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