The Limitless Joys of Home Ownership

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. There’s not a cloud in the sky and the temperature is a very reasonable 73 degrees.

I can think of a lot of things that can be done on a day like today.  Most of them very pleasant endeavors.

Unfortunately, I find myself painting windows; the outside of them to be exact.  Have I mentioned that I loathe painting?

I live in the southern United States and the summer sun down here has a unique way of devouring paint, thus exposing the surface beneath the paint to the harmful effects of the weather.  Let the paint start to crack and peel on your windows (unfortunately mine are wooden, rather than the newer high tech aluminum or vinyl models) and fairly soon you’ve got yourself a much more expensive proposition to deal with than purchasing a gallon of paint.

I find that repainting the windows is necessary every third or fourth year.  That’s why, on a Chamber of Commerce day like today, I find myself painting windows.  Shamefully, it’s been at least 5 years since I last painted mine.  So much for heeding my own advice and counsel.  My negligence knows no bounds.

I’m not what I would call a bad painter, but I’m certainly not a good painter either.  I’m an apprentice rather than a journeyman when it comes to having a paint brush in my hand.

I understand the principles involved with painting.  It’s just that I don’t like putting those particular principles into practice.  If I had to list the jobs around the house that I most loathe, house painting (inside or out) would be right up there near the top.  There, I’ve mentioned it.

But there is another task which I hold in even greater disdain than slapping paint.   That would be caulking.  Caulking anything to be exact, whether it be the seal around a window or the tiles around a bath tub.

Caulking is a home handyman skill which I’ve never mastered.  I think it’s a case of “you can’t put in, what God left out.”  I look with envy upon the precise, smooth, straight lines of caulk laid down by those who really know what they’re doing.  When I finish, my bead of caulk resembles the tracks left by a jeep after it’s sped through thick mud.

Now after I’ve finished caulking the windows that I’m currently painting, I’m going to be confident that they will be weather tight.  On the other hand, they will also be artistically flawed and unpleasant to look upon.  Thankfully, most of the re-caulking that I’m having to do is on second floor windows; safely out of the range of most prying eyes.

Enough rambling.  It’s time to go back out and scrape the panes on the last couple of windows that I painted earlier this morning.  I’ve decided to put off any more caulking until tomorrow.

Joy and have a good day!


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