Time to Open Up a Fresh Box of Oats

For me, one of the surest indicators that autumn has finally begun to exercise its influence over the weather is the return of an undeniable urge for a bowl of oatmeal.

There’s just something comforting about digging into a steaming bowl of that semi-gelatinous goodness when the air outside is cool and crisp and seems to whisper, “Time to pull out the sweaters!

Whereas grits, another breakfast stalwart, can be eaten year round; I just can’t seem to generate any real culinary interest in oatmeal until warm temperatures and Indian Summers are safely receding in the rearview mirror.

I’m a purist when it comes to preparing oatmeal.  Just as the 1516 Bavarian Reinheitsgebot law mandated that beer must be brewed using only the ingredients of water, hops, and barley; I believe that oatmeal, in its purest form, should be cooked using only water, oats, sugar, and butter.  When it comes to preparing a bowl of oatmeal; neither raisins, cinnamon, bananas nor any other ingredient can add to the perfectly balanced flavor which can be achieved by keeping it simple.

When I prepare oatmeal, frankly when I cook just about anything, I tend to improvise when it comes to the measurement of ingredients.  I can assure you that following the directions found on any oatmeal box for the preparation of a single serving will not come anywhere close to producing enough oatmeal to satisfy me.

When I measure out the oats, I generally begin with the amount prescribed in the recipe for two servings and then generously add a bit more for good measure.

After cooking the oats , I stir in the sugar and butter in what I can only define as “satisfying amounts”.  I know what they are and can assure you that they are indeed satisfying!

At that point, all that’s left is to decant the oatmeal from the pot to the bowl, grab a spoon, and enjoy one of life’s simple, and in this case, healthy pleasures!

I had a big bowl this morning and I’m confident that I could feel my cholesterol levels dropping with every bite.

Happy Autumn!


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