Presidential Debate? I Wonder If There’s an Ancient Aliens Rerun on the History Channel?

I didn’t watch the Presidential debate last night, the first in the series of three.  And here’s a news flash: I don’t have any intention of watching the remaining two.

It’s not that I’m apolitical or that I’m not interested in the outcome of the upcoming election.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

On the contrary, I’ve been very interested in our country’s political process for most of my life.  I’ll cite two little known facts which will support that statement: 1) I took Civics when I was in the 9th grade, and 2) many years ago, I served as a Precinct Chairman for the political party of my choice (which for the purposes of this blog shall remain unnamed).

Now before you say whoop-dee-doo, how many of you have either of those accomplishments on your personal resume’?  And for those under the age of 30, how many of you have ever even heard of Civics?

I didn’t watch the debate because I’m in that 45% or so who already have their minds made up on the subject of which candidate is going to get their vote.  I’m not what you would call an Undecided.  There’s not much of a chance that either candidate is going to do or say anything in the debates which is going to result in my changing my mind.

I’m not blindly following one candidate simply because of his party affiliation.  In fact, in all my years of voting, I’ve never submitted a straight party-line ballot.  I vote for individuals based on their positions on the issues that I find to be most important.  I’m a bit of a news junkie and tend stay up-to-date on such things.  I’m very adept at developing my own opinions and generally find that they are very good ones!

The second, and quite likely primary reason that I don’t watch the debates is that I have a generalized disdain for the talking heads who dominate main stream television media.  These are the same folks who end up moderating the debates.  

The Most Trusted Man in America . . . . . “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”

In my humble opinion, those chosen to be moderators often have spent far too much energy attempting to become media celebrities and too often allow their personal biases to enter into the process of moderating the debate.   A good moderator is one who draws as little attention to themselves and their points of view as possible.

You might say that I have no patience when the media attempts to make the news, rather than simply reporting the news.  This phenomena began with the advent of 24 hour news channels, but that’s a topic for another day.

Gallup just issued the results of a poll which asked the following question, “In general, how much trust and confidence do you have in the mass media—such as newspapers, TV, and radio—when it comes to reporting the news fully, accurately and fairly—a great deal, a fair amount, not very much, or none at all?”

60% of those asked, answered, “Not very much / None at all”.

I’d be in that 60%.


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