Welcome to a Change in the Weather!

Change is definitely in the air this morning.  And none to soon!

As is my custom, I arose early this morning, went down to the kitchen, and poured myself a stiff cup of Joe.  After a couple of sips of that wonderful restorative, I meandered out into the garage and raised the door to see what the day would hold.

Unexpectedly, I was met with a gust of wind which could best be described as more than just a breeze.  My initial reaction was that it was a zephyr, a west wind bringing with it a change in the weather.  But most importantly, it was cool. Bracing and brisk you might say.  My heart soared!  Autumn appeared to have finally arrived.

I looked heavenward and found that the sky was filled with dark, billowing clouds scudding rapidly from west to east and offering just a hint of rain.  I could almost envision myself standing on the bow of a merchant ship heading seaward into the north Atlantic.

Yesterday, the mid-afternoon temperatures here were up in the 70s; far too warm for an NFL Sunday.  Today however, the high is forecast to be a very seasonal 59 degrees.  Now we’re talking!

I dashed upstairs and changed out of my summer uniform of khaki shorts, t-shirt, and bare feet.

For the first time in several months, I pulled on a pair of jeans, a knit shirt that actually has a collar, put on a pair of socks, and dug around in the closet until I found my moccasins (my official autumn/winter “knocking-around-the-house” footwear).

I have no favorite season of the year, but I do enjoy those days when there’s a clear transition between the current one and the next.

Here’s to Autumn!

     The most colorful season of all
     Is autumn, which many call fall.
     It’s the time when leaves die
     In a feast for the eye,
     And fat turkeys await their last call.
                                                         – Madeleine Begun Kane


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