I Must Have Raised Him Right!

For several years, I’ve enjoyed the craft of home brewing my own beer.  From very humble beginnings, I’ve gone on to successfully brew Stouts, Brown Ales, Pilsners, Porters, Christmas Ales, and everything in between.

What really surprised me, once I overcame my hesitancy to attempt brewing, is how simple the process actually is.  Very little equipment is necessary to brew up a batch that’s every bit as good, perhaps even better, than what you can buy down at the corner pub.

It’s probably a safe bet to assume that anyone who brews their own beer is also a fan of malt beverages in all of the various forms that they can take.  That would certainly be true of me.  With only one exception, an incredibly distasteful style of beer that I came across at a Shakespearean tavern many years ago, I’ve almost never met a beer I didn’t like.

But all of this is a just bit of exposition and a digression from the real point of this story.

My youngest son served as the best man at his closest friend’s wedding over this past weekend.  When the dust began to settle after the reception, the father of the bride discovered that there was still quite an inventory of wine and beer remaining unconsumed.  In the spirit of the hour, he told my son to help himself to whatever he wanted.

The following afternoon, my son came over to visit his mother and me.  As he walked in the front door, what to my wondering eyes did appear, but two cases of Red Brick Brown Ale and a case of Cabernet Sauvignon!

Now I have to explain that as it turned out, it was not his intention to leave me with all of this unexpected beverage bounty.  He had brought it into the house because it was a warm afternoon and he didn’t want to leave the beer and wine in his car.

That said, before he left, he did stock my refrigerator and leave a couple of bottles of wine on the rack in the kitchen.

He’s a good son!  Always has been.

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