I Think I’m Finally Getting the Hang of This Thing

I’m a sports fan.  Frankly I enjoy just about every sport you can name; from baseball to football, basketball to golf, lacrosse to tennis.  I even follow the English Premier League (soccer) and that’s saying something for an American southern boy!

When the fantasy sports craze began to take off a few years ago, I decided that I’d give it a whirl to see what it was all about.  In hindsight, it was probably a mistake for me to pick major league baseball for my first foray into the complex world of fantasy sports.

I quickly discovered that I wasn’t ready to make the commitment in terms of time and research which is necessary to effectively manage a fantasy team in a sport with a 162 game season.

So I went into fantasy sports dormancy for a number of years.

That is until a couple of weeks before the kick-off of this year’s NFL season.  I was watching something on ESPN when, during a commercial break, I saw an advertisement for NFL.com’s Fantasy Football leagues.

Hmm? I thought to myself, surely I can commit to managing a fantasy team for the NFL’s 16 game season (not counting the playoffs)!

Just to be on the safe side, I chose the easy, low-impact option by joining a league that featured an automated draft.  This allowed me to put my toe into the water without having to do any of the lengthy preparation required to effectively participate in a live player draft.

Yeah, I took the easy way out, no doubt about it.

I was pleasantly surprised at the team which the NFL robot drafted for me.  At quarterback I ended up with the Patriot’s Tom Brady and Eli Manning of the Giants. Between them, they owned five Super Bowl rings.

I was beginning to think that this might be fun!

After a very slow start, I went 0-3 for the first three weeks of the season, I’m starting to understand how to pick up players on waivers and in the process slough off some of the deadwood residing on my roster.  Once I found the NFL.com Fantasy app for my iPhone, I really became active on the waiver wire and have managed to strengthen my line up significantly.

Now 5 weeks into the season, my team is 2-3 and my fantasy point totals each week are starting to climb into the respectable range.

I’m also finding that my interest in each week’s games has increased.  I’m watching games on Sunday with the television remote in one hand and my iPhone in the other so I can keep up with my how players are doing in real-time.

Am I going to win my league? Probably not.  But I’m starting to think that I’ll be doing this again next season and might even conduct my own draft.

Have I fallen victim to NFL.com’s cleaver ruse to utilize fantasy leagues as a means of increasing interest in their product?



3 thoughts on “I Think I’m Finally Getting the Hang of This Thing

  1. My 13-year-old son talked me into joining the Fantasy Football foray this year, complete with drafts and updating my roster according to who has a “bye.” So far, I’m 4-1, with no real idea what I’m doing. The again, if I knew what I was doing, I’d probably be 0-5. Good Luck!

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