Just Because You Can, Is No Reason That You Should

Hardly a day goes by in which I don’t see or hear something, either first-hand or reported in the news, which causes me to stop what I’m doing, scratch my head in disbelief, and ask, “Why would anybody want to do that?”

I’ll admit that I have a fairly low threshold when it comes to this type of thing.  So low in fact, that most of the time I wouldn’t even think of mentioning the objects of my questioning attitude to those around me.

This one, however, is absolutely begging to be shared with a wider audience.

By way of introduction, let me ask, “What well dressed man about town wouldn’t want to complete his evening ensemble by sporting a pair of Apex Predators?

With soles made of 1,050 recycled denture teeth (I was relieved to learn that), these shoes are durable, as well as fashionable.  I also suspect that they might prove to be somewhat advantageous in icy conditions!

I wonder what they sound like as the wearer strolls across a hardwood floor?


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