A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

By design, I try not to let my personal political beliefs infiltrate into my comments here. In general, I attempt to avoid blog topics that are political in nature, and I hope to continue to do so.

Now that I have the disclaimer out of the way, let me get to my point.

Election Day 2012 is less than three weeks away.  Not surprisingly, political passions are starting to heat up just a bit.

It’s been suggested that this presidential campaign is one of the most divisive in American history.

Hold on just a second!  I’m not one to so quickly award superlatives.

In the category of mud slinging and despicable political tactics, we’re going to have to go a ways to better the 1828 campaign between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson.

Go read the history of that one if you want to see just how nasty American politics can become.  Jerry Springer, The View, and Maury Povich could have filled several seasons of shows from the dissension and controversy which spilled over in `28.

In any event, I came across an article yesterday which suggested, a bit too stridently for my tastes, that riots will be a likely outcome regardless of this November’s presidential election results.

Fueled by anger and frustration at either the inaction or too much action in Washington, DC (take your pick), Americans on one side or other of the political spectrum are supposedly going to take to the barricades come November 7th!

To support the notion that armed insurrection is at hand, the article quotes several Tweets, yes Tweets, that call for violence pending the election’s outcome.

Has the quality of our nation’s journalists been reduced to the point where they are now accepting unattributed Tweets as primary news sources?  Surely we deserve better than that from the Fourth Estate.

Then, I noticed that the website presenting this forecast of doom and gloom is one of those which relies on the age old strategy of generating controversy and outrageousness as its primary means of attracting readers.  If the riots don’t occur as forecasted, I’m confident that this site will quickly find some other conspiracy theory to foist on its readership.

Are riots possible?  Listen, I grew up in the `60s.

I remember going to high school with armed National Guardsmen standing at all of the entrances.  Those were dark days and I hope that we never repeat them.

There’s no question that there is a palpable level of anger and frustration in our nation. It’s my hope that working together, we can redirect that angst into energy focused on making substantive improvements in the way our government operates.

In the mean time, God Bless America.

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