Goodbye Old Friend, Time To Find Another!

Horror of horrors!

I knew something was wrong.  Even in my “not yet fully awake” state, I sensed that all was not well as I stumbled downstairs in the early morning darkness.

Then it hit me.  The aroma of freshly brewed coffee was not gently caressing my nose.

Oh geez!” I thought, “Did I forget to set the timer on the coffee maker again?

Flipping on the kitchen light, I looked over at my trusty Starbuck’s Barista drip coffee maker. This wonderful device had been a much appreciated Christmas gift from my oldest son and has been continuously brewing my “Mornin’ Joe” for over 13 years.

Yep“, I thought as I saw that the water reservoir was still full. “I forgot to set the timer again last night.

I walked over and pressed the brew button.  The red light came on, but as the seconds passed, I was not met with the babbling sound of heated water beginning to flow over those anxiously awaiting coffee beans.

Not good.  Not good at all!

When several more attempts to jump-start the coffee maker proved unsuccessful, I realized that my old reliable friend had regrettably brewed its last pot.  But of more immediate importance, I had no means for obtaining a very much needed caffeine shot!

A quick trip to my friendly neighborhood Starbuck’s was to provide relief for my little addiction later in the morning, but I also began to realize that I was going to have to obtain another coffee maker.  And obtain one soon!

Another quick trip, this time to, and I was scrolling through page after page of “Coffee Maker Reviews” offered up in response to my query.  What a world we live in with information on virtually any topic available at our fingertips!

But I learned something.  I learned that there are apparently far more people out there in cyberspace who are ready to post scathing negative product reviews, than there are satisfied consumers willing to share their positive experiences.

I could find no coffee makers having all the features that I was looking for which hadn’t managed to disappoint or, in some cases, totally ruin the lives of multiple disgruntled reviewers.

I knew I was going to have to go it alone!  Driven by my insatiable need for a quality cup of java, I did something totally alien to me.  I went shopping.

It didn’t take very long.  I planned a route that took me from the local Walmart to a Super Target and finally past Lowe’s. I’m happy to report that the expedition ended successfully with a new 12 cup coffee maker safely ensconced in the appropriate spot on my kitchen counter.

And I might add, it brews a very smooth cup.

All is once again well with the world.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Old Friend, Time To Find Another!

  1. Oh god, the thought of no coffee sends shivers down my spine, this is why I use an Italian hob top coffee maker. A bit more work but it does keep going. And even without electric I can brew.


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