A Few Random Observations on a Friday Afternoon

I’m still trying to absorb all of the ramifications of Tuesday’s elections, but I believe a significant new political reality is slowly beginning to be acknowledged across the United States.  It’s one with which some people will have great difficulty agreeing.

The event which has put this new reality into very clear focus was the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential contest.

I grew up in an America which was predominantly “center-right” in its political orientation.  I’ve heard this assessment made frequently by political pundits over the years, right up through the election cycle we just completed.

If you’ve been around as long as I have, I’m sure you’ve also heard that because of this prevailing “center-right” political orientation, “liberal politicians have to run toward the center in order to be elected at which point they can begin to govern from the left!

I believe that Tuesday’s presidential election results have driven a stake through the heart of that particular political adage.  Say what you will about President Obama, neither he nor the media, presented himself as a “centrist” during the campaign.

If my reading of the political climate in this country is correct, I think it’s safe to say that our nation’s political orientation has clearly moved to “center-left“.  Some might argue that just a simple “left” would be a more accurate description, but I’m not ready to go quite that far as yet.

So where is this shift in our collective political point of view going to take us?

I wish I knew.  My crystal ball is not working that well at the moment.  But I hope that we will be wise enough to avoid repeating well documented mistakes that have already been made by other “center-left” governments around the world. Some might say that’s a little bit like asking a leopard to remove his own spots.  But in truth, only time will tell.  I’ll just have to be patient in the meantime.

More than anything else, I also hope for a significant increase in the level of civility and bi-partisanship demonstrated by our political leaders; particularly from those in Washington, DC.

Certainly I can wish for that, but quite frankly, I won’t hold my breath waiting to see it fulfilled.

2 thoughts on “A Few Random Observations on a Friday Afternoon

  1. I’m not sure the civility thing is going to work out either. One side is gloating, and the other side is sour graping (I’m not sure if “sour grape” is supposed to be a verb, but I just made it one). That combination usually does not lead to civility.

    • I’m not saying that civility will solve our problems. It’s just a sad state of affairs that statesmanship and compromise are no longer present in the vacuum which exists “Inside the Beltway”. It takes no special skills to immediately oppose anything and everything offered up by the opposing party. And clearly, we have no special skills in DC.

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