In Search of the Great Blue Heron

I think that perhaps I’ve been watching too many nature programs on the tube lately.

I woke up this morning and, for the second time this week, I had the urge to grab one of my cameras and a couple of lenses and head out for an early morning photo safari.

Now it’s difficult to conduct a serious safari in an overgrown metropolitan area such as the one in which I reside, but fortunately over the past few years, a lot of work has gone into constructing greenways which meander alongside the creeks and through the wetlands which have somehow managed to survive the suburban sprawl which has led to the demise of so many trees.

The diversity of wildlife which still manages to find habitat locally, surrounded by 4.5 million humanoids, is really somewhat amazing.

As I’ve walked down various sections of the local greenways, I’ve come across beaver, mink, raccoon, possum, coyote, fox, and of course deer. It’s not uncommon these days to find deer out in the neighbor’s front yards ravenously consuming their flower beds. And not surprisingly, deer are now considered by many to be little more than “White Tailed Rats“.

Anyway, I went out this morning hoping to photographically bag a Great Blue Heron. They, along with their smaller cousins the Green Heron, frequent ponds and the shallows near the banks of the creeks along the greenway. I did in fact find Great Blue Herons this morning, two to be specific. But they saw, or more likely heard, me before I saw them in the early morning light. Being somewhat skiddish, and disturbed by my clumsiness while approaching their breakfast nooks, both of the herons took off before I could get my act together.

I did manage to capture a shot of a Killdeer. Not the big game that I was in quest of this morning, but I didn’t want to come home empty handed.

I had to satisfy my photographic “jones” by taking a few shots of the autumn flora and landscape along the banks of Big Creek. A few of those images are sprinkled throughout this post.

As far as the Great Blue Herons are concerned, they’re still out there. And they know I’m coming for them!

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