An Early Sunday Morning Gone to the Birds

Just in case anyone is wondering, I haven’t decided to turn this into a photo blog.  It just happens that over the past few days, I’ve been more inspired to capture images, rather than align words.

I’m still in search of opportunities to photograph Great Blue Herons.  There are plenty of them around, but so far I’ve struck out at the local watering holes where they normally hang out.  Next weekend, I may try late afternoon for my searches instead of early morning.

Before my camera batteries died this morning (the one in the camera, plus a back-up), I was able to photograph a few birds in the early light.  I really need to become more disciplined about recharging my batteries.

Canadian Geese banking for a landing on the river
More Canadian Geese in formation

Just cruisin’  (Do these guys migrate any more?  The ones around here seem to have taken up year round residence)
A Red-Tailed Hawk looking for breakfast (I’m fairly certain this is a Red-Tailed. He was so fluffed up against the cold, I admit that my identification could be off)

4 thoughts on “An Early Sunday Morning Gone to the Birds

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