Dodging the Bullet on Black Friday

It’s an absolutely miserable day outside. It’s one of those days when everything is wet, but it’s not really raining.  In fact there’s not even a good drizzle coming down at the moment.  Maybe it’s raining intermittently, but as yet, I haven’t witnessed any actual rainfall all day.

Did I mention that it’s also cold?

One might expect that a gloomy day like we’re experiencing today could easily put one’s overall mood into a tailspin, but not so for me today.

Earlier this morning, I read a report originating with the crack news hounds over at CNN.  They contend that somewhere around 247 million adults actively shopped over the “Black Friday” weekend.

According to the latest U.S. Census, that would mean that every citizen over the age of 14 years old went shopping at some point between late Thursday and Sunday evening.

That’s why, on a dreary day like today, I find myself uncharacteristically buoyant.

If CNN can be believed, I was the only adult male in the entire nation who didn’t unwittingly find himself in a shopping center, mall, or specialty shop over the weekend just concluded.

On the contrary, I occupied myself by watching football while lounging in my recliner as I quaffed brown ale and consumed turkey sandwiches.

What could be better than that! My cup runneth over!  I, for one, am quite content to count my blessings.

Bring on the rain!


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