I’m Beginning to Feel a Tinge of March Madness!

empty stadiums
Yes, I’m fully aware that the NFL playoffs have yet to begin and it’s painfully obvious that college football is dominating the cable sport’s channels with one meaningless bowl game after another being played in half empty stadiums.

Regardless, about this time of year, my heart and soul begin to feel the inexorable tug of college hoops.  I’m more than ready to trade the oblate spheroid pigskin in on one of those round leather balls.  (I’m old school and still remember leather basketballs.)

Most of the games between the collegiate basketball powerhouses and their own versions of Sister Mary’s School for the Chronically Uncoordinated have, thankfully, already been played.  We’re at that point in the season where we’re starting to have match-ups that are well worth watching and which will have a real impact on who’s going to be playing in March and who’s going to be watching the tournament on CBS Sports just like the rest of us.

wirelessI had the good fortune of growing up in Atlantic Coast Conference country during the years when the ACC was building itself into the predominant college basketball conference.

Back in the mid-60’s, I spent countless Tuesday and Thursday nights glued to an old table top AM radio listening to static filled broadcasts of Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State games while I was supposedly finishing my homework.

As a result, I’ve been a college hoops junkie ever since.
Many years before tent cities like Duke’s Krzyzewskiville started appearing on college campuses, I was camping out in front of N.C. State’s Reynolds Coliseum for as long as three days at a stretch in order to obtain student tickets for games between my beloved Wolfpack and conference foes such as the Terrapins, Gamecocks, and Tar Heels.  That may have had something to do with my not becoming an electrical engineer as was originally planned, but I digress.

In recent years, the ACC’s basketball fortunes seem to have been on the decline just as the Big Ten’s have risen; but at least it’s not the Big East!  Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to watching the ebb and flow of the action on the hardwood during January and February ultimately leading up to the selection of the “Final 65” in March!
Thank you,
Dr. Naismith!

4 thoughts on “I’m Beginning to Feel a Tinge of March Madness!

  1. It was hard to miss the first photo in this post that shows the Cincinnati Bearcats football team dancing around on the turf…probably at the Belk Bowl vs Duke University. Yes, my beloved Bearcats, members of the “former-best-hoops-conference-in-the-world”, The Big East. Like many teams they remain in limbo between their crumbling conference and whomever will take them to the prom. College sports has gotten so complicated!

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