A New Way to Blog

I have a new toy.  I bought myself a Nexus 7 tablet computer.

This was either a late Christmas present or an early birthday gift. Either one complies with all of the accepted norms of gifting protocol.
One of my primary motivations in purchasing the Nexus 7 was a desire to be able to compose posts for my blog more easily when I am away from home and my beloved MacBook Pro.

Up until now in those situations, my blogging tool of necessity has been my iPhone and the iWriter app.  Now, by comparison, I’m walking in high technological cotton.

You might ask yourself what is a self-respecting Apple user doing with an Android based Nexus tablet computer rather than an iPad?  Truth be known, as a committed Kindle reader, I was actually closer to buying a Kindle Fire than I ever was to purchasing an iPad.

I read and watched countless reviews of all of the popular tablets, the combined weight of which convinced me that the Nexus was the one that most closely met all of my requirements.

I can safely say that 72 hours in, I am completely convinced that I made the correct choice.

This thing is as tough nails and as smooth as silk.

2 thoughts on “A New Way to Blog

  1. Aren’t they great?!! I always thought I would hate a tablet. Having always had an Android phone I was completely lost when playing with the kids’ iPads. But I finally broke down and bought the ASUS ViVo. I think the thing that convinced me (other than the Android platform) to go with the ASUS over the Nexus 7 (which was what I thought I wanted) was that at the time the ViVo was being sold in a package deal with a keyboard dock. I figured if I absolutely hated using a touch screen 100% of the time I could pop it in the dock and it would be comparable to the small Toshiba netbook I was upgrading… but with lots of cool features. It was a tad smaller and easier to pop in my bag.

    It turns out I love having the regular keyboard option, but I also love being able to pop it out of the dock and use it anywhere for surfing, catching up on FB, checking recipes, etc. It’s also great for reading from the Kindle cloud. Because the screen is so much bigger than my Kindle Fire I have an easier time reading the text.

    Have fun with it!! I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

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