Let It Snow, or Maybe Not

Atlanta went through one of its annual wintertime rites of passage last night.  A cold front came through the region on the heels of a weather system which had been bringing us rain for the past several days.
Hmm?  Cold air mixing with moisture in the air!  Wait just a minute.  Somehow this all sounds strangely familiar.  Didn’t Miss Crabtree go over something about this during one of our 3rd grade science lessons all those years ago?

Aren’t these conditions perfect for generating a crippling white out?  Maybe some snow flurries?  Or at least a little freezing rain!

This sort of frenzy grips Atlanta’s meteorologically challenged at least once a year; sometimes twice.  In the old days, these conditions would cause knees to begin spasmodically jerking within the newsrooms of the local television stations which would then rush crews out to the nearest grocery store to do a live remote broadcast featuring stalwart citizens buying up all of the bread and milk they could carry in preparation for the wintery blast headed their way!
remote news
Lately, most of the stations are content with simply sending their most junior news reporter up into the wild and minuscule mountains of north Georgia in the faint hope of capturing at least one snow flake on camera or better yet showing the viewing public a patch of “Black Ice” on a road waiting to victimize an unwary motorist.

Move over Jim Cantori!

Unfortunately, dampening everyone’s hope for a memorable climatic onslaught, the rain moved out of the area quicker than expected and the cold front wasn’t quite as frigid as the prognosticators had projected.  Atlanta awoke this morning to mostly dry, non-icy road conditions.

But that didn’t forestall at least one local school system from canceling its classes.  “By God, we built snow days into our school calendar and we’re sure as hell going to use them!

I wonder how many days it is until that groundhog does his thing?

3 thoughts on “Let It Snow, or Maybe Not

  1. Mary Lee and I were in the Wal Mart last evening when she got the text about a two hour delay!! WOO HOO we’re sleeping in tomorrow!!
    I drifted over to the cigar shop about 8PM and when the owner greeted each of his customers during the evening he would say…”Sorry, but we’re all out of bread and milk.” The “WHITE DEATH” never really materialized….sad. But the cigars were delightful.

  2. I loved this – over in here in the UK we are experiencing a virtual white-out; gritters have been out in force; public transport is running on a reduced timetable; schools are closed. It is the headline topic on all news channels – hell, we’ve even had a half hour extra programme showing us conditions throughout the country. How much snow have we actually had? Well, here in the south, about 4 inches. Embarrassing!

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