The Joy of Installing Screen Protectors

Years ago, a good friend of mine coined a phrase which he used to describe those seemingly simple tasks which end up being tedious and aggravating assaults on our patience and emotional well-being; not to mention causing some of us to spew forth language which would likely make a Bosun’s Mate blush.

His phrase was, “That was about as easy as putting contact lenses on a wildcat!

I’ve been out of town for a couple of days.  When I arrived back at home this afternoon, I discovered that the protective screen covers that I had ordered for my Nexus 7 tablet computer had arrived in the mail.

Great!”  I thought to myself.  I’d been wanting to get one installed before I inadvertently scratched the screen on my new toy.

A couple of minutes reading the instructions had me believing that this installation was going to be a breeze.  Yeah, right.

Before continuing with this this tale of woe, I need to point out to those who don’t know me, that I’m a bit of a detail freak.  I tend to like things to be “just so.”  In others word, “Perfect.”

wpid-IMG_20121230_140902.jpgWell, I carefully cleaned the screen on my Nexus, used the enclosed lint-free cloth to remove any residual dust particles, went over the entire surface of the screen with the special dust removal tape, then peeled back the film on the screen protector by two inches, and very carefully rolled it on to the Nexus’ screen.

I was rewarded with air bubbles.  Everywhere!

Not to worry.  I used the enclosed scraper to gently push the bubbles to the edge of the film where they were released.  That worked like a top for all but about five bubbles which simply didn’t want to be moved.  Carefully examining these, I discovered that a small speck could be seen in the center of each of them.

Dust!  How could that be?  I’d been so careful.

My attempts to peel back the film in order to remove the specks using the lint-free cloth and the special dust removal tape proved to be somewhat problematic.  Not only did I not capture all of the dust specks, but I managed to put a deep crease into the film, rendering it useless.

Not to worry, there were three sheets in the package I ordered.

After repeating steps 1 through 5 with my second screen protector, I was met with somewhat more success; only two speck contaminated bubbles this time!

Being incredibly gentle as I peeled the protector back this time, I was able to remove the offending specks and return the protective film to the screen without further disastrous consequences.  And I still have one unused and undestroyed screen protector left in the pack for future use!

Whew!”  I thought to myself.  “That was about as easy as putting contact lenses on a wildcat!

A New Way to Blog

I have a new toy.  I bought myself a Nexus 7 tablet computer.

This was either a late Christmas present or an early birthday gift. Either one complies with all of the accepted norms of gifting protocol.
One of my primary motivations in purchasing the Nexus 7 was a desire to be able to compose posts for my blog more easily when I am away from home and my beloved MacBook Pro.

Up until now in those situations, my blogging tool of necessity has been my iPhone and the iWriter app.  Now, by comparison, I’m walking in high technological cotton.

You might ask yourself what is a self-respecting Apple user doing with an Android based Nexus tablet computer rather than an iPad?  Truth be known, as a committed Kindle reader, I was actually closer to buying a Kindle Fire than I ever was to purchasing an iPad.

I read and watched countless reviews of all of the popular tablets, the combined weight of which convinced me that the Nexus was the one that most closely met all of my requirements.

I can safely say that 72 hours in, I am completely convinced that I made the correct choice.

This thing is as tough nails and as smooth as silk.